From the Desk of MD

Dear Sir / Madam,

Let me thank you for the support extended by you and your team in helping us to fulfill your requirements, by providing us the opportunity, and by helping us in execution. 

We are happy to share with you that our shares started trading at BSE and NSE once again after a gap of more than 15 years. This has been the result of the hard work done by our team, our partners, and the relentless support of investors. 

We rejoined IEEMA and looking forward for an active participation for improving the members’ contribution to the industry at large. 

I wanted to bring to your kind attention, some developments, that we have progressed in this pandemic period, which will serve you better.

  1. We have increased our Disconnector manufacturing capacity by adding a Plant in Chennai, in addition to Pondicherry. Now factory inspections could be conducted in both the plants and so we can execute projects faster. 

  2. We had made substantial progress on our Medium Voltage Business in developing our new product “HHV12 PRIME”, 12 KV Indoor VCB (40KA, 2500A), with all modern safety interlocks and door close operations, which is undergoing type test, and will be ready for launch in April 2021. 

  3. Our development team has made substantial progress in developing Load Break Switches for 12 KV and 36 KV and looking forward to completing type testing and ready to launch the same in April 2021.

  4. We already have qualified disconnectors with composite insulators for 36KV, 72 KV, and 145 KV. We are extending this range now to 245 KV and shall be launching in March 2021.

  5. Retrofit, Refurbishment, and Renovation of existing Disconnectors, Control, and relay panels, and MV Switchgear have been our focus areas. Now we have branded them as “R3 Service Business”, and addressing any make and anywhere service execution. This will solve the problem of import spare substitutes, service the equipment where OEM has stopped servicing, and upgrade existing products for automation, higher rating, improved product safety, and reliability. We look forward to providing our best services to end-users through this R3 Service Business team. This team is fully dedicated with engineering, project management, and site project execution capabilities. We look forward to your patronage. 

  6. Developing our International Business is key. So, we are creating a new department in our company, “International Customer Development Office”, to improve our response and service. We are also looking forward to extend our offerings in Europe and Americas through our local system integrators and channel partners. 

  7. We are making major investments in our social media campaigns and digital marketing to increase awareness and connect all stakeholders involved in delivering electricity to the last person in the line and solicit your engagement to enhance your experience. 

  8. Number online webinars, training, and technical seminars have been planned by our International customer development office for creating the positive customer experience. We look forward to your active participation. 

With our continued focus on improved Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service, and the Customer experience in engaging with S&S Power, we remain at your service to delight you by offering solutions for your issues, through our products, systems, and services.

Yours truly 

Ashok Vishwakarma 

Managing Director and CEO


Design & Build

Acrastyle fully understands the benefits of having the system design for high voltage protection and control systems being undertaken by the manufacturer of the equipment, not only by the same company but at the same location

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Offload Disconnector

Disconnector is equipment used in the transmission and grid substations for the purpose of disconnecting the power source either for maintenance purpose or for bus transfer.

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MV Switchgears

S&S Power Switchgear offers a full line of Indoor & Outdoor Circuit Breakers to help meet many of your application needs. With voltage range up to 36kV, current range up to 2000A and a large variety of functions, these components are used in multiple industries. Over 18,000 numbers have already been installed worldwide.

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Control & Relay Panel

Our group company APIL Designs, Manufactures and offers different types of Control , Relay and Protection panels up to 420 kV level to the Esteemed customers in India and abroad

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Circuit Breaker Retrofit Solutions

We offer to make your existing product safe, reliable, and efficient with new technical features. We can refurbish and help re-installing equipment To meet changing requirements or incorporate additional functions. Retrofit activities involve rehabilitation of aged breakers into modern units Through proper assembling & installing.

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Disconnector Retrofit Solutions

S&S has formed a separate division to cater to the growing needs and demands of our customers to provide rejuvenation, overhauling, retrofit, Refurbishment, and replacement of existing disconnectors and complete life cycle management. With the expertise gained over the years in the Design, manufacture, supply, and service of disconnectors, we have acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience in the life extension of disconnectors. We have also acquired considerable knowledge in retrofitting, refurbishing, and replacing disconnectors of other makes.

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Our Vision is to be the preferred Switchgear & P&C Solutions Company to our partners

About Us

S&S Power Switchgear Ltd (S&S) was established as small switchgear manufacturing unit way back in 1975 in Madras (Now Chennai) India.

In 1978 company entered into collaboration with South Wales Switchgear and introduced High Voltage Disconnecting Switches and the company is one of the major player in the world in this field today. It acquired a license from M/s Hawker Siddley group group of companies, U.K. and achieved two breakthroughs in quick succession.

  • The revolutionary introduction of Vacuum Circuit Breakers in the year 1981.
  • The launch of its patented outdoor Porcelain Clad Vacuum Circuit Breakers soon after.
  • S&S Power was the first company in India to introduce these high technology products in Indian Market.

Why S & S?

40 years of Business Excellence in the field of Extra High & Medium voltage Switchgear & Control gear

State of the art manufacturing facility

Brand Image & Quality T&D products & focused team

Detailed application & interface Study

Engineering excellence center

Large Production capacity

Customized solutions & Low capital Intensity

Timely execution of projects

Complete after sales service

Product Life cycle management

On site engineering detail study assist for Retrofit, replacement & spare solutions.

Our Partnership approach & Client goodwill

Balanced Domestic & Global presence



S&S Appoints Central Supply Chain Head

In line with our ongoing strategy to RE-ENGINEER, Supply Chain for competitiveness, Flexibility, International quality standards and high level of delivery performance, we are exited to announce the appointment of A.Sivakumar (ASK) as “Central Supply Chain Leader” today for our Indian Business Opeartions . ASK will accelerate the transformation from a product line based supply chain into an integrated Central Supply Chain to meet above purpose. Central Sourcing Policies across all product lines will bring improved supplier relationship and sourcing performance.

Sivakumar is a qualified Industrial Engineering Graduate. He brings with him 38 years of experience in Switchgear industries(Alstom, GE power controls – 20 years), Windmill industry(Suzlon-5 years), Automobile industry(Simpson, Lucas TVS , ZF TVS-10 years) and construction industry(Greaves cotton- 3years). His last employment was with ZF TVS(2 years).He started his career with S&S Power Porur Unit during 1984-1986 in the sourcing Quality Department and rejoined the company after 35 years.

He has competencies in entire supply chain domain such as : Strategic sourcing, Sourcing contract and negotiation, Sourcing Quality, Vendor development, Material Requirement Planning, Purchasing, Import Management, Stores, Logistics Management and Inventory management. He will be responsible for overall Sourcing & Supply chain management in the group. All internal teams of various product lines related to the above functions will directly report to Sivakumar. 

Sivakumar will report for operational Supply chain to the Director operations and for strategic sourcing to the managing director.

Sivakumar will join the ECM committee and will drive a significant part of strategy in a business where material cost and commodity is the most significant cost.



S&S Power Switchgear Equipment Limited is excited to appoint Mr.S.Arunan, Manager – Disconnector Retrofit Solutions (Non-S&S Disconnector), based out of Chennai.

After completing DME in 1982, arunan has 38Years of induatrial experience in various areas like Production, Quality control, Services and Retrofit of High Voltage disconnector.

His last assignment was with HIVELAM, where he spent 30 long years in his career. Arunan has experience in Retrofitting Rade Konchar, HAPAM, TAKOKO, SMC, ELPRO, OBLUM, S&S etc,.

S&S Power is focused on R3 Service for S&S make Disconnector and as well as other make Disconnector. Our focus is to solve customer issues and improve availability of substation at economical cost. Arunan will help S&S to grow R3 Services Business and Customers to solve the issues of HIVELAM Spare and Retrofit and any other Non S&S Brand of Disconnectors.

Arunan can be contacted:

Contact No: 9840446949

Arunan will report to R3 Business Leader N. Vijayaragavan and he will be responsible for Sales and Marketing of Non S&S make Disconnectors, Spare Parts, Retrofit, Services, Replacement, Training and Documentation.

Please join me in Wishing All the Best to S.Arunan.



Ashok Vishwakarma

Managing Director & CEO



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