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S&S Power has been listed on the Bombay stock exchange since 1975 and therefore applies corporate governance rules. S&S Power provides transparency when conducting business and applies corporate governance guidelines.

Corporate governance code of reference

For many years, the Group has committed itself to carrying out the corporate governance principles in accordance with Indian Companies Act.



Effective internal control

Internal control system encompasses all Group functions from Finance to Human Resources. By enabling quicker, more reliable and more competitive operations, a sound Enterprise Risk Management system, followed by a Quarterly Compliance Review drill provides reasonable assurance that laws and regulations are complied with, information and data including financial information are reliable and operations are completed in an optimal manner. Company secretary, Chief Finance Officer, Executive Committee Members and Managing Directors & CEO sign a quarterly compliance letter as an evidence of review and take ownership of ensuring the company is safe and compliant.


Leadership Team

United by the vision of re-claiming our position among top 5 Indian Switchgear Brands and transform the company into a preferred supplier, preferred employer and socially responsible company, S&S Power Group is spearheaded by a distinctive professionals with entrepreneurial bent of mind and extensive experience in the field of T&D Sector, particularly in the field of Switchgears.




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