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Ashok Vishwakarma - Managing Director & CEO


It has been our great pleasure to welcome you to our website. This website will give you an insight into S&S Power’s quest to continue to serve its stakeholder since 1975 and its resolve to remain among top 5 Indian Switchgear Brands.

S&S Power has been a credible brand for offering high quality, latest technology and excellent customer service, since inception. We created several histories in 80’s and 90’s. We had great pleasure in receiving your support and patronage for a long time and indebted to you for your support. Last decade was challenging for the company and we lost touch to our existing customers, potential customers and market. We regret for the inconvenience caused to our stakeholders due to the challenges we faced in the last decade. But now we are back in the game, fully re-charged and raring to go. I am pleased to share with you that our focus has only sharpened over the period of time and we are ready to offer our products, technology and services to our customer with greater flexibility, higher quality and at competitive price level. Our agile organization with Indo European footprint gives us great mix in capability to bring the best of Europe Technology at Indian Price point.

We are going through a major transformation at S&S in our product portfolio, technology, marketing strategies and manufacturing systems. This is exciting time for all our employees and suppliers. The low cost business model that we are evolving has huge potential to offer several advantages to our customers. The agile team, accessible and responsive to customer needs brings S&S back in the fray as a leading Switching Solutions Provider.

I am proud to say that our Multi Product Offerings from Low Voltage to Extra High Voltage range for Switchgear/ Switching applications, Indo European presence, more than 40 years of industrial experience, proven technologies and strong backbone of Application Engineering together with excellent field service is at core of our renewed business model.

With Make in India Initiatives and focus on power sector back, we are optimistic of enhancing our growing presence in the power sector in India as the Government is expected to invest substantially in the overall development of infrastructure and power sector. We have strategically added Trading of Proximity Products, Field Services and Automation and Communication in our offerings through partnerships and alliances which shall support us in participating more aggressively in the emerging power sector scenario in India.

Our focus in the domestic market would be to serve special segments with special state of the art technology products. Focusing on CPP, IPP, Industrial Segment and EPC project will be corner stone of our market segmentation and revenue growth.

We had excellent record in exporting switchgears from India and continue to focus on our niche markets. There is a renewed focus on leveraging newer product market development in these segments and expand our geographies.

Our business philosophy based on delivering value to our stakeholders constantly inspires our people to innovate, excel and set new global bench marks. Our multi-cultural, multi-location and multi product organization gives us strength. Our strong belief in Quality and Innovation as No 1 priority drives the mindset within the company. Our leadership team drives our culture and our great team has stood up to several challenges in the history of this company.

Our Key Business Drivers would be;

  • Our great partnership and alliance in India and Europe
  • Focus on unique segment with unique offerings
  • Innovate New Product Platforms in MV Switchgears, Automation and EHV Range
  • Process Excellence in NPI, ITO & OTR Processes
  • Drive Modern Manufacturing concepts using S&S Manufacturing System
  • Develop System Engineering Capability
  • Differentiate by Service Excellence
  • Eliminate all types of waste from our processes to stay a low cost business model

We are transforming our organization with winning mindset and focus on following five core S&S Believes;

  • See our success through customer’s eye
  • Agile, adapted and aligned organization
  • Continuous learning and research critical for breakthrough
  • Empower and inspire each other
  • Deliver extra ordinary result in uncertain and ultra-competitive market

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