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giving a new life to your products


Retrofit involves assessing the condition of existing equipment and deciding the components that need to be replaced, modified and reused based on the requirements.

Our Goal

To integrate the outdated technology supply of S&S make or any make products with the currently employed technology to extend the life of the ageing supplies in initially commissioned substations and sites.

Disconnector RETROFIT Offerings

1) Mid life extension
2) Mechanical to Electrical ganging
3) Motorization of old product
4) Reconditioning insulator
5) Enabling smart drive box
6) Mechanical interlock enhancement
7) Performance rating upgrade

Customer Benefits

1) Short implementation times for replacement
2) Minimum interruptions to service
3) Prolongation of remaining service life
4) Improved operator protection during operation
5) Enhanced operator convenience from remote end
6) Minimization of maintenance and materials costs
7) Minimum time and man power for maintenance
8) Extended warranty on the conversion work


We recommend to replace the existing SF6 breaker, oil breaker & air breaker with new vacuum circuit breakers in order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of your switchgear


1) Replace AIR, OIL, SF6 by Vacuum Truck / Cassette

2) Upgrade panel by close door operation safety kit

3) Servicing of existing component in panel chambers such as CT, cable  & vermin proofing

4) Increase the current carrying capacity of busbar &VCB

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