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Graduate Engineering Trainee (GET) Program- Integration module designed and conducted by experts.

GET Program in S&S Power is a structured and comprehensive process.

S&S Power has announced the commencement of a unique induction program – Graduate Induction Program- forits fresh batch of Graduate Engineers selected from different engineering campuses.

Induction Program starts in the first week of July, the Graduate Induction Program has been specially designed by an internal & external panel (including University Relations Team & S&S Power HR Advisors) and run for a period of 14 days followed by structured ‘on-the-job’ experiential learning. The program aims to promote a new generation of technical workforce to build a talent pool andfuture leaderships within the organization.

The induction activities included personal effectiveness training programs and work specific activities concurrently. There were a range of competitive and collaborative exercises to ensure that the graduates were kept involved and stimulated. The Graduate Induction program has been designed with an objective to bring out the best of our Values of Trust, Team and Action, which are at the core of all business activities at S&S Power and derive key messages on innovation and environment. . The pedagogy used during this program is through active experimentation, feedback and reinforcement of learning. Throughout the program, the participants had an opportunity to innovate and find working solutions to problems faced in professional life with the help of experiential exercises such as Lean Action Workouts, NPI Accelerator Lab exercise, Meet a customer program, painting workshop, Social Impact Programs etc.

Experience sharing by experienced professionals, Executive Management Committee and Leadership sessions are hallmark of this program. This helps each one of them to build strong competencies for a smooth transition from academia to the industry.

Induction process is intended to develop passion among young engineers to find interesting opportunities of transformation and chase their dreams. This helps them to come on board quickly feel accountable and start delivering faster. This interactive approach to learning help them to obtain both the skills they needed and built close relationships with the other graduates in the programme. The close network that is built during the programme is regarded as one of the most potent benefits of the induction programme.

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