Vacuum circuit breaker

Vacuum circuit breaker was introduced in early 1990s by S&S Power switchgear limited for the first time in India.

We offer a full line of Indoor and outdoor VCB with voltage range up to 36kV and current range up to 2500A. We have supplied more than 25,000 numbers of circuit breaker and switchgears to all major utilities in India and World wide.

Indoor Vacuum circuit breaker

12kV Indoor VCB – up to 2000 Amps, 31.5kA. ( type HHV – 12 )

36kV Indoor VCB – up to 2000 Amps, 25kA. ( type HHV –36 )

12kV Indoor VCB – up to 2500 Amps, 40kA. ( type HHV –12PRIME )

Outdoor Vacuum circuit breaker

12kV Outdoor VCB – up to 2000 Amps, 25kA. ( type OFVp-12 )

36kV Outdoor VCB – up to 2000 Amps, 25kA. ( type OFVp-36 )

12kV Outdoor pole Mounted Vacuum Auto Reclosures, 400 Amps, 12.5kA type VAR – 12

Range of Products on the Anvil:

12kV Indoor – Cassette type
upto 800 Amps – 13.1kA – ( CHV – 12 )

12kV Indoor – Fixed type compact
800 Amps – 13.1 kA

12kV Outdoor Pole mounted vacuum capacitor switch
200 A, 4.5kA, (VCS – 12)

Magnetic Actuators
Rogowski coils in place of CTs

RMU’s – Technology search / Implementation
12kV Breaking current – 40kA, 50kA

Track record

Export >>>>>> 3000 Breakers

Domestic >>>>> 18000 Breakers

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We are pleased to announce that the Board of Directors of S&S Power Switchgear Limited (BSE Scrip Code 517273, NSE Symbol S&SPOWER) met at Chennai on 29th May 2024 and approved the financial results for the year ending March 2024.

With a turnaround in financial performance, the company has nearly completed the corporate restructuring announced in January 2024. This restructuring includes the repayment of loans, the acquisition of Hamilton Research & Technology Private Limited (HART), and the purchase of the minority stake in its UK business, Acrastyle Limited, to make it a fully owned subsidiary.