Equal Opportunities Policy

The Company is committed to the principle of equal opportunities in employment and in equal pay for work of the same or similar nature or work of equal value. The Company is opposed to any form of less favorable treatment or financial rewards, whether through direct or indirect discrimination, harassment, victimization or segregation accorded to Employees or job applicants, on the grounds of their race, religious beliefs, political opinions, creed, color, ethnic origin, nationality, marital/parental status, sex, sexual orientation or physical or mental disabilities etc. The Company recognizes its obligations under the Sex Discrimination Acts, the Equal Pay Act and principle of equal pay enshrined in Factory Act

Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Policy

  • Our Company is committed to providing work environment that ensures every employee is treated with dignity and respect and afforded equitable treatment. The Company is also committed to promoting a work environment that is conducive to the professional growth of its employees and encourages equality of opportunity. The Company will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment and is committed to take all necessary steps to ensure that its employees are not subjected to any form of harassment.
  • This policy applies to all categories of employees of the Company, including permanent management and workmen, temporaries, trainees and employees on contract at their workplace or at client sites. The Company will not tolerate sexual harassment, if engaged in by clients or by suppliers or any other business associates.
  • All employees of the Company have a personal responsibility to ensure that their behavior is not contrary to this policy. All employees are encouraged to reinforce the maintenance of a work environment free from sexual harassment
  • An appropriate complaint mechanism in the form of “Complaints Committee” has been created in the Company for time-bound redressal of the complaint made by the victim
  • The Company reiterates its commitment to providing its employees, a workplace free from harassment/ discrimination and where every employee is treated with dignity and respect.

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