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Power System Protection & Control Solution

S&S Power understands the difficulties faced by clients trying to evaluate competing suppliers’ offers. Often, the solution with the most attractive initial purchase price can end up being the most expensive in terms of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

However, S&S Power’s engineers, project managers and commercial staff have the experience and in-house expertise to provide intelligent solutions that offer the lowest TCO. Indeed, there have been many occasions where we have proposed an alternative solution to that requested, which has significantly reduced overall project cost.

The S&S Power Difference represents the best long-term value

S&S Power’s approach is different to other suppliers in that we consider the cost-implications of all aspects of a project, not just the immediate product purchase price. For example, we can reduce your project costs through:

  • Shortened project lead-times that avoid project delays
  • Extensive factory system testing, simulation
  • Seamless installation and commissioning between FAT and site tests
  • Comprehensive interface engineering with all the associated plant
  • Effective planning of your long-term maintenance and inspection requirements
  • Provision of quick and effective technical support for future system re-configuration
  • Our one-stop design and build service, which eliminates the communication difficulties and delays typically caused when designers are separated from manufacturers.

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