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S&S Power takes its Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. This policy outlines the principles in which it will operate and instructs its employees to support and operate within the guidelines. In all matters, S&S Power and its employees should ensure that all actions and activities are not only legal and comply with all legislation, but that the manner in which these activities are performed should:

  • Support and contribute to the lives, development and welfare of its employees 
  • Support and contribute to the economic and social amenity of the local community 
  • Encourage its suppliers to adopt the same values of Corporate Social Responsibility. 

It is not intended that this policy tries to define what is and is not included, but it should however be clear from the overarching aims stated above, and elaborated a little below, that the intention of this policy is to give guidance to all employees in dealing with a new situation not specifically detailed in this policy. For the avoidance of doubt, S&S Power will comply with all legislation, and aim to exceed and adopt best practice in the areas including but not limited to: 

  • Health and Safety 
  • Employee Development and Training 
  • Equal opportunities employer 
  • Preventing discrimination and harassment on any grounds 
  • Prevention of Bribery and Corruption anywhere in the supply chain 
  • Environmental practices and waste management 

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