Vision, Mission, Goal


Preferred Switchgear & P&C Solutions Company to our partners

Build an innovative Switchgear & Protection Company, serving LV to EHV with global connect, local innovation at affordable price, excellent customer experience, sustainable performance, frugal management, round the clock service network creating positive social impacts.


  • Transform into a Best Cost Business Model creating Social impacts
  • Achieve Significant market share in target markets with Commercial Intensity, Alliance & Service Focus
  • Expand Specific Product Portfolio for target market and secure high revenue per product
  • Modernize Management Practice, IT Tools, Manufacturing Technology & Systems, Innovation tools and talent development programs
  • Grow 3X+ with double digit profit and positive cash in five years



  • Building Partnership & alliance to grow
  • Expand Geographies and improve Market Access
  • Process Excellence in NPI, ITO, OTR
  • Talent to drive S&S Systems & execute strategy
  • Innovating Product, Process & Business Model
  • Service Excellence as differentiator
  • Develop Systems Capability & Service P&L