S&S Power Switchgear Ltd (S&S)  was established as small switchgear manufacturing unit way back in 1975 in Madras (Now Chennai) India. In 1978 company entered into collaboration with South Wales Switchgear and introduced High Voltage Disconnecting Switches and the company is one of the major player in the world in this field today. It acquired a license from M/s Hawker Siddley group group of companies, U.K. and achieved two breakthroughs in quick succession.

  • The revolutionary introduction of Vacuum Circuit Breakers in the year 1981.
  • The launch of its patented outdoor Porcelain Clad Vacuum Circuit Breakers soon after.
  • S&S Power was the first company in India to introduce these high technology products in Indian Market.

In 1992 a Joint Venture company was set up in Malaysia and agents were appointed in different parts of the world. Several initiatives undertaken to develop export market. This also included acquisition of Acrastyle Limited in Ulverston in UK in 1997. Acrastyle has very good brand image and a capable integrator of protection systems and switching solutions in UK and world. A state of the art factory was set up in Pondicherry to manufacture High Voltage Disconnector in 1997.

Factory at Porur in Chennai continued to be the main facility for high quality, low cost manufacturing of high technology switchgear products. This factory was closed in 2002 due to financial problems and tiger economy crisis. Later MV Switchgear Manufacturing operations were re-started at MM Nagar Factory near Chennai.

After Porur closure, company started to re-build itself and focused on Pondicherry Plant, Acrastyle UK Plant with Disconnector and Control and Relay Panels as key products. An Engineering Office was set up in Chennai to support Acrastyle UK efforts and help many other MNCs by offering a low cost engineering services in the field of secondary engineering.

In 2007 company set us an Indian Business for integrating protection systems with the expertise of Acrastyle UK had. The new plant at M M Nagar, near Chennai now houses two units- Acrastyle India Power Limited for Control and Relay Panel and S&S Power Switchgear Limited for Medium Voltage Switchgear Manufacturing.

In 2010 company entered into a Joint Venture agreement with Coelme Italy for EHV Disconnectors and created S&S Power Switchgear Equipment (SSPSE) Legal Entity.

S&S Power has got very large installed base of Disconnectors in India with over 20000 installations to its credit and more than 5000 outside India. The range of disconnectors includes Centre Break, Double Break, Pantograph and Vertical Break series from 36kV to 800kV. Disconnectors are supplied with different mechanisms namely – manual, manual geared or electric motor operated.

S&S Power has also got very large no of Indoor and Outdoor Medium Voltage Switchgears installed in India (around 20,000) and Outsside India (around 5,000) ranging from 3.3 KV to 36KV. Very large installed base of S&S MV Switchgear is now due for replacement, retrofit and overhauling creating an excellent opportunity for aftermarket sales. Technology agreement with EPS Switchgear UK for upgrading products with Maglatch solutions was entered in 2009 and a new generation of special switchgears for special applications started to take takes shape in MV Switchgear Offerings.

Acrastyle India and Acrastyle UK together hold prestigious installations like Paris London Tube rail and enjoy great patronage of UK utilities and across the world for Switching Solutions

Today S&S Power & Acrastyle India moved to a sprawling 50,000 Sq. feet integrated multi model facility.